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This is huge. Huge! 

I know for some of you this is tough, because Huskies are just so damn cool. But remember, without a corgi there would be no Corgusky. 

There are 13 hours left. Corgis are leading but barely. 

Corgis eat huskies. It’s true. Look! There’s Emma nomming on a husky pup. 

Let’s stump the vote, people. STUMP. THE. VOTE. 

VOTE TODAY by CLICKING THE LINK for this round Voting ends tomorrow at 9 am!

Vote Stumps, because a Corg will never jump your fence. BOOM. I said it!

For the corgis!!!

Posted 8 months ago

Will write papers. Cost: belly rubs and peanut butter.

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Posted 9 months ago

Extended sploot 10/10

Posted 10 months ago

Sorry for stealing your pillows, mom. And snoring. Jk I’m not. Good luck sleeping tonight.

Posted 11 months ago

Oh hey, mom. I see you have popcorn over there, and you know I don’t. There’s a problem with this situation.

Posted 1 year ago

Mom, you know they say that sharing is caring. No gimme what you are eating!

Posted 1 year ago

I got an early birthday present from Ed! and Jiggles’ mom! Thanks for making me the coolest corgi in Kansas.

Posted 1 year ago

Mom. Mom. Moooooom. Can I have some salad too?

Posted 1 year ago

Onward my noble steed!